By Tahav Agerzua

The moment he hit the stage the entire atmosphere in the arena changed. The audience was spell bound. This happened in the evening of 7th January, 2024. The venue was Kenville Park, High Level, Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

Terungwa Msughter Dzeremo, born on 1st October, 1990 in Mbatie, Buruku local government area, was the first of three contestants called up stage.

Olive Performing Troupe Makurdi organized a New Year Hangout which featured cultural dance competitions and Tsuwe Tsele, the Cat Dance, was on the menu.

His agile movements across the stage, adept imitation of the cat’s mannerisms, as well as captivating dance steps, within the ten minutes stipulated by the judges, marked him out as the contestant to beat.

Later, the judges were unanimous that he was the best out of the three.

This best dancer was recruited to replace his father, Msughter Dzeremo, a drummer with the performing troupe of the Benue State Council for Arts and Culture, in 2009.

When the deceased who had been recruited passed suddenly within one year his son was drafted to fill the vacuum.

At the council, the artiste has been drilled to perform all the dances in the repertoire of the troupe, Swange, Aja, Odabaru, Tsa Utu, and all others.

However, in his early years at the council, two senior colleagues, Mrs. Janet Daagba, and Priscilla Ashiekaa, had urged him to get close to a master cat dancer, Tyover Iorvihi,

and undergo tutelage.

He obeyed and even went the extra mile by purchasing a video album of the master and copying his dance steps from it.

Subsequently, Iorvihi also passed and Terungwa has stepped into his shoes.


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